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Nigerian Light Crude Oil

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Your NEED for Crude Oil

Cerberus Commodity facilitates your needs

Nigerian Light Crude Oil (NLCO) is a beacon of excellence in the global energy market. Renowned for its exceptional quality, NLCO boasts low sulfur content and high API gravity, making it a cleaner, more efficient fuel choice. Sourced from Nigeria’s rich Niger Delta, this premium oil drives progress, fuels innovation,

and supports sustainable development. As a symbol of Nigeria’s natural wealth, NLCO not only powers industries but also fosters economic growth, uplifts communities, and inspires a brighter, greener future. Embrace the promise of Nigerian Light Crude Oil—where energy meets sustainability and opportunity.

Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO)

Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO) is a premium grade of Nigerian crude oil, produced in the Niger Delta basin and named after the city of Bonny in Rivers State, Nigeria. The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is the principal exporter of BLCO.

Why Choose BLCO?

  • Low Sulfur Content**: With a sulfur content of just 0.14%-0.16%, BLCO is highly sought after for its minimal corrosive effects on refinery infrastructure and its low environmental impact.
  • High Value**: Lighter crude oils, typically with an API gravity in the 35-45 range, are more valuable due to their higher yield of light, high-value products in refineries. While BLCO has an API gravity of 32.9, it remains highly valued in the market.

Pricing and Availability

The price of BLCO is based on the Platts Crude Oil international benchmark, ensuring competitive and transparent pricing.

Delivery Options

Cerberus Commodity offers BLCO through various delivery methods to suit your logistical needs:

  • Freight On Board (FOB)**
  • Ship To Ship (STS)**
  • Tanker Take Over (TTO)**
  • Cost Insurance Freight (CIF)**

Explore our offerings and secure your supply of Bonny Light Crude Oil with Cerberus Commodity, where quality meets reliability.